Sunday, 10 October 2010

All white(s) on the terraces?

It has been a while. A mixture of a nasty bout of gastroenteritis, the demands of my nine to five and being too busy drinking up the success of my beloved - and currently top of the league - Brighton and Hove Albion, have seen me neglect this blog. Sorry and all that.

Anyhow, the other night I had a dream. Not a Luther-King style world changing dream, but an exciting one nevertheless. However, rather than progress a civil rights movement, mine may backfire badly.

Football, as most people know, has embraced a host of other sporting styles. Golfing jumpers, Benetton rugby shirts and tennis tracksuit tops have all left their mark on footer fashion.

Well, the other night, having read an excited Ashes preview, I dreamt of a time when jeans may way for cricket whites. Particularly the trousers.

Why not? Football has tried out trends from almost every other British sporting institution. And the cut of the cricket white (is that the singular?) would generously sit about a nice pair of Old School Adidas trainers. And, the waist is probably more forgiving than many a pair of jeans.

You may think I am mad. Maybe I am. But come next Saturday and Brighton's trip to Charlton I will be a madman in cricket trousers.


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  1. Why the heck not eh? They are hard wearing too so should easily put up with the strain on a day out at the soccer. Wouldn't want to spill anything on them though.