Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A nice red faced look

A lot of this season's top looks seem to involve a more rural, rugged and durable look.

Part of the problem for the terrace dandy though is that many of these lines come in the darker, less eye-catching end of the spectrum.

Which is why this new offering from North Face might appeal.

The Kishtwar is designed, according to the blurb, "for highly aerobic activities during bad weather".

Sounds like watching footy on a rain-soaked terrace to me.

The jacket is made from Polartec Power Shield Pro – which apparently means it’s completely windproof - or as near as to it as possible - and has a water-resistance that sheds rain and snow.

It also boasts a highly abrasion-resistant face for protection against rock faces and rugged terrain. Not that you will probably need it.

Fairly pricey at £230, but if it can stand up to an assault on a rock-face, chances are it will keep you snug at whichever second rate ground your team visits this winter.

Plus, the red looks proper natty.

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