Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A new badge for a new era

Another top internet leakage today, with Brighton and Hove Albion's new club badge finding its way merrily onto an unofficial forum.

With the Seagulls flying toward their new stadium at Falmer after a decade of struggle, decision-makers at Withdean have decided to mark the occasion with a new badge.

It marks a return to the design of yesteryear (1977 to be precise) with the only real difference being the direction the seagull is facing - and a yellow beak.

The logo currently used by the Seagulls was launched in 1998 after Dick Knight took over the running of the south coast outfit (pictured below).

But even before the seemingly modern dalliance with design changes, the Albion had flirted with a host of different badges.

The first proper design arrived in 1946 and lasted 29 years. That was the traditional coat-of-arms number with heraldry from both Brighton and Hove.

Looking for a new twist - and possibly high on something (it was the 70s after all) the club decided to drop the tradition and draw a floundering dolphin on top of two circles. The club became The Dolphins. Thankfully, that only last little more than a season.

The Seagulls then became The Seagulls - which they have remained until the present day.

Reaction to the new badge among supporters has been mixed. With some saying it was a welcome return to the simple, retro design of the club's halcyon days, and others pointing out that the seagull is facing a different way to their tattoos and has a stupid yellow nose.


  1. The direction, and nose, of the seagull are of little importance to me. This is a welcome return to a badge which was changed for no great reason anyway, and which will revert to something much more in touch with the club's heritage.

  2. Totally agree with the above comment, great the the club have listened to their own fans. How often does that happen in today's game?