Tuesday, 28 June 2011

One Ronnie Reinelt?

A quick question: What does scoring the single most important goal in a football club's history get you?

Apparently, if that club happens to be Brighton and Hove Albion, the answer is a slot on a glass wall of heroes at their new Amex stadium.

Quite fitting, you may think. And you would be right. If the club had managed to spell your name properly.

Robbie Reinelt helped the Seagulls complete the greatest of great escapes by notching the all-important equaliser in a last-day relegation decider against Hereford back in 1997.

Had the Albion lost that day they would have been doomed to the footballing oblivion of Conference football and probably never recovered. We might all be watching Crawley Town or Whitehawk. Or, God forbid, making an annual trip to watch a London club we have no link with other than we quite like their kit.

But, despite the fact that almost every Brighton fan over the age of about 12 could reel off Reinelt's name - the club itself has produced an epic fail.

This sign (below) has been unveiled at the Seagulls' Amex HQ much to the flabbergastery of most supporters.

One can only hope the stadium offices are well-stacked with Tipp-Ex.

UPDATE: It turns out the club had already noticed the mistake long before the photo was taken by a supporter on a recent tour of the stadium. A new transfer has been ordered and is on its way to Amex HQ. So Seagulls' fans, rest assured, by the time Mr Reinelt - or anyone else for that matter - gets into the brand-spanking new ground, it will be all hunky-dory.

And relax.

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