Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Charlie Doherty: What a proper little legend

BACK when I was 11 (18 long years ago since you ask) all I was worried about was managing to get the Ray Houghton Pro Set card and sneaking in a pencil case with the times tables on during maths tests.

Not so little Charlie Doherty. The Seagulls fan has just cycled from Brighton to Scotland with his mum to raise cash for a charity which provides meals for children in Africa.

He has set a target of £15,000 and is nearly there (£14,273.20 so far). He has turned down birthday and Christmas presents every year since he was four and he even missed the first game at The Amex to tackle the mammoth bike ride.

Speaking on the telebox recently, he said: "I do it because there are starving children all over the world and I think why do we have all of this when some people have nothing - they can't even afford food, drink or anything.

"I just can't get it - how we live like this and they live like that. I think it's unfair."

Hopefully the Albion will be welcoming him on the pitch at a future match for a well-earned round of applause but in the meantime, us Albionites can help him reach his total.

To donate simply CLICK HERE

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