Friday, 21 October 2011

An interview with... Peter Ward: Brighton's greatest goalscorer (Part Two)

Earlier this year I sent Peter Ward - arguably Brighton's greatest ever player - a few questions via email for him to answer.

He very kindly (with a little help from his lovely wife Jacci) sent them back.

The first batch were featured in Part One of the Q and A HERE.

Then I completely forgot to upload the rest. So here they are:

Q. Best player you have played with (apart from Brett Mendoza)?

A. I have played with so many great players in my time that I don't really have a favorite or best. When I was with Forest I played with John Robertson, Trevor Francis, Kenny Burns, Alan Hudson (Seattle Sounders/Chelsea) and of course last, but not least was Ian 'Spider' Mellor.

Q. Worst player you have played with (apart from Brett Mendoza)?

A. I would never tell (ed: that probably means it is Brett...).

Q. Best player played against?

A. I have played against many great players, World Cup winning captains like Carlos Alberto (Brazil), Franz Beckenbaur (Germany) and some other great players like Mario Kempes, Kevin Keegan, and Kenny Dalglish.

Q. Best managed played under?

A. Brian Clough, Peter Taylor and Alan Mullery

Q. What was it like a football icon in the 70s?

A. Brilliant! The closest you could get to it was to be a rockstar.

Q. If your recent trips to England have taught us anything, it is that you can sink a beer with the best of them. What was the culture like back in your playing days - who were the big drinkers? Any good stories from off the field?

A. Back in those days we trained hard and on days off most of us would have a drink. In fact, at away games with Forest Cloughie would make everyone have at least one beer obviously some would have more than others.

Q. What is the proudest moment of your career?

A. Winning promotion twice with the Albion and being top scorer in England. Later in my career it was getting MVP of the NASL in 1982 in the U.S.

Q. Why do you think you never got more international recognition? Would it have helped if you had been at a more fashionable club?

A. I honestly don't know why I never got more international recognition and yes, perhaps it may have helped if I had been with a more fashionable club.

Q. Most important person in your career?

A. Ken Gutteridge got me signed for Burton and then got me to Brighton. He continued to follow me throughout my career. I would have to say that he was a very important part of my success.

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